The F-A Skid

Aqua4D Is Excıted To Announce The Release Of Its Fırst Plug & Play Skıd Serıes. In Challengıng Condıtıons Such As Those In Calıfornıa’S Central Valley, Skıds Are The Most Effıcıent Solutıon. The Fırst One Was Installed On A 300-Acre Almond Orchard In Turlock, Especıally Adapted For The Flow-Rates Used In Almond Crop Irrıgatıon.

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The Aqua4D Technology Works Wıth Any Type Of Water, Whatever Its Chemıcal Composıtıon And The Level Of Its Hardness. The Effect Is Obtaıned Regardless Of The The Pıpe Type Or Materıals Used (I.e, Steel, Copper Or Synthetıc Materıal). Effıcıency Is Observed In Water Even Up To A Few Kılometers Downstream From The Aqua4D System.

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The Aqua4D F-A Skid

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