Promoting Efficient Water Use

AQUA4D connects the dots between sustainable resource use, land restoration, and responsible production. For us, sustainable business means increasing growth and output while decreasing the impact on the environment. We truly believe this is achievable.


An AQUA4D system uses only as much power as a standard 10W lightbulb – promoting efficient use of both water and electricity.


AQUA4D technology helps growers achieve an average of 30% water savings – often in regions where this resource is most scarce.


Reduced use of chemicals and acids mean less chemicals enter the water and hence our lands.


More efficient water use entails significantly less water pumping, along with less emissions from fertilizers and nematicides.


Through its leaching effect, our technology is restoring lands blighted by soil salinization – good for lands and growers alike.


With plants optimizing their intake, AQUA4D enables more growing with less resources.

Improving water use efficiency

“The responsible use of water resources is imperative to a more sustainable future and dealing with climate adaptation and water scarcity. AQUA4D® technology encourages this, improving water use efficiency while saving resources and contributing to many of the UN’s SDGs. We are proud to be at the forefront of a greener future.”

Javier Meyer, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)


Circular Sustainability: exponential payoffs

Key to a more sustainable future is our concept of Circular Sustainability. Just as a circular economy aims to redefine economic growth, we believe the efficient treatment of water can have exponential payoffs throughout our ecosystems. 

Precision Irrigation for all

Water scarcity and the price of resources varies from country to country. With proven results from Argentina to Zimbabwe, our technology helps growers across the world on the way to higher yields, increased profits, and less resources.

With our favorable financing program, these benefits are within the reach of more producers than ever before – fusing sustainability with economic efficiency.


Contributing to the SDGs

AQUA4D is pleased to fulfil a total of 11 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations.

Covering everything from responsible production to clean energy to addressing water scarcity, here’s how our company addresses sustainability in everything we do.


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Partners in Sustainability

We work in close contact with organizations and institutions promoting sustainable development, responsible use of resources, and environmental protection.

Responsible production

“With manufacturing in-house at our Swiss headquarters, we can take full control of our production processes, ensuring optimal quality and efficiency. After installation of new solar panels covering our roof, we have on average been generating more energy per year than we consume.”

Forging a sustainable future

“Today many countries lack good quality water, the global population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050. Meanwhile, soil is being degraded and this is part of climate change. At current rates, we will not be able to feed the world population. We absolutely need innovative technology and cleantech to meet this challenge and produce more with fewer resources.”

Eric Valette, CEO


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