The F-A-Skid

Game-changing customized system for treating high flow-rates.

Aqua4D is excited to announce the release of its first plug & play skid series. In challenging conditions such as those in California’s Central Valley, skids are the most efficient solution. The first one was installed on a 300-acre almond orchard in Turlock, especially adapted for the flow-rates used in almond crop irrigation.

The Aqua4D technology works with any type of water, whatever its chemical composition and the level of its hardness. The effect is obtained regardless of the the pipe type or materials used (i.e, steel, copper or synthetic material). Efficiency is observed in water even up to a few kilometers downstream from the Aqua4D system.



Ready-made system

Normal installation of the Aqua4D system generally takes place on the customer’s site, with the system delivered flat-pack style for self-assembly. This ready-made system gives Aqua4D full quality control, it’s built in controlled conditions at the headquarters, and FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) is completed before shipping, thus vastly reducing on-site installation time at the destination.

The customer has only to connect the Skid to the irrigation network and to plug it to the electrical main.


Easy to move

In some countries, during the winter, the irrigation process stops and the system must be stored. Using a Skid makes very easy to move the Aqua4D system to a safe location where it does not suffer from cold temperatures.


Monitored and protected installation

All skids are equipped with a Remote Alarm Controller (RAC). The RAC will monitor the Command F-Pro modules and check that everything is working correctly. A text message will be sent if a problem occurs in the system. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is also integrated, insuring a steady power source and protection against surges on the power network.


Various configuration

Depending on the needed flow rate, the system is available in 6 different configurations going from 172 to 604 m3/h. The skid exists in both outdoor and indoor versions.


Low power consumption

The system requires only a small amount of power to run and can also be connected to an off-grid solar installation if there is no power network available on site.