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AQUA4D is transforming how water is treated across the world

Water touches upon everything humans do, and how we treat it reflects how we treat the whole planet.

We’re active in three very different domains, but with one underlying goal: sustainably solving water-related issues without the use of chemicals.


Precision Irrigation


Our cutting-edge technology is helping farmers across the world grow more with less, while making labor & resource savings and cutting out chemicals harmful to us and the planet.

Sustainable Buildings


We keep the water flowing in private and municipal buildings. Using no harsh chemicals, our tech keeps systems free from corrosion, limescale, and biofilm.

Aqua4D & Agriculture 4.0 - a game changer for the planet and your business.


Transforming industries through clean technology.

Animal Health


Keeping animals’ drinking water free of pathogens and chemicals impacts not only their health but ultimately ours too.

Domains We Serve


Aqua4D has gained a reputation around the world for enabling significant water savings, solving salinity problems, an.. View More


Without the use of chemicals, Aqua4D allows the permanent elimination and prevention of lime scale deposits and corro.. View More


Aqua4D allows for increased biosecurity with the proven elimination of biofilm and inhibition of new bacterial develo.. View More

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Contributing to the SDGs

AQUA4D is pleased to fullfil a total of 11 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations.

Covering everything from responsible production to clean energy to addressing water scarcity, here’s how our company addresses sustainability in everything we do.



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